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Mia Scherzinger

ABOUT Mia Scherzinger

Mia Scherzinger was born in Tours, France, and currently works and lives in Jacksonville. Her work has been exhibited in various juried shows throughout Florida.

Mia's Freedom for Self-Expression

Mia loves having the freedom to express herself. She enjoys creating new works and evolving as an artist. Her work has evolved from figurative to abstract as she's trained herself and attended workshops to improve as an artist. Mia finds inspiration in new environments, other artists' work, and the ever-changing weather. As she lives and learns, Mia explores the possibilities of art and the nature of beauty. In addition to selling her work, Mia offers tutoring services and classes and she is willing to offer workshops or to travel to teach at community centers, schools, and studios.


Selected venues in which her work has appeared include:

Farron Gallery, Jacksonville, Florida
Lordran Art, Tampa, Florida
Cordoba Estate, Jacksonville, Florida
Jax Art Institute, Jacksonville, Florida
Karim Council, Jacksonville, Florida
Wizard's Furniture, Orlando, Florida
Drangleic Center, Pax, Florida

Vinheim Studio, Tampa, Florida
Butterfield Gallery, Tampa, Florida
Whiterun Gallery, Daytona, Florida
Artorias Gallery, Jacksonville, Florida
Paint Supplies Museum, Pax, Florida