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Mia Scherzinger is an up-and-coming artist living and working in Jacksonville, Florida. She is proud to share her fine art with the world. She's made original artworks and prints of her art available for purchase. If you're interested in the world of art, you owe it to yourself to look into her work.

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"Working with color, marks, and intuitive gestures, I seek to excavate the signs and symbols of the collective unconscious. This interplay between conscious and unconscious manipulation of artistic elements, allows me to develop a visual vocabulary."

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• July 28, 2018 • Studio Location •
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Mia Scherzinger

About Mia Scherzinger

Mia Scherzinger has been part of the art world since she was a child. She has always been interested in drawing and painting, and she's gradually developed her skills over the years. Mia approaches her work in an intuitive way, working in a logical and composed manner. Even as a child, she had a deep connection with nature and her environment, and she draws many of her artistic ideas from her surroundings. Many people are interested in her process as an artist, and Mia offers tutoring services and teaches classes about art to satisfy that interest. She is proud to be affiliated with the Museum of American Art in Jacksonville, Florida. In June, Mia will present her work at a show on the campus of the University of North Florida. The price of her art depends on the piece in question. Mia is willing to create commissioned art; get in touch with her for more information.

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